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Description Garden
Address Via Cimarosa, 40 80127 Naples Metropolitan City of Naples, Italy
Telephone N.D.
Mobile phone N.D.
Emaill N.D.
Web site http://www.hambell.it
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List of beers

Beer Description Brewery Country Gradation Vote Formats
Falkenturm Bock Hell Falkenturm Bock Hell Einbecker Brauhaus Germany 7.1 N.D. Draught beer
Wieze Rouge Wieze Rouge Brouwerij Van Steenberge Belgium 7.0 N.D. Draught beer
Pyraser Landbier Export Hell Pyraser Landbier Export Hell Pyraser Landbrauerei Germany 5.4 N.D. Draught beer
Orfrumer Orfrumer Einbecker Brauhaus Germany 5.2 N.D. Draught beer
Punk IPA Punk IPA Brewdog Scotland 5.6 N.D. Bottle
Blanche de Valerie Blanche de Valerie Almond '22 Italy 4.5 N.D. Bottle
Grand Cru Grand Cru Almond '22 Italy 7.5 N.D. Bottle
Irie Irie Almond '22 Italy 5.0 N.D. Bottle
Maxima Maxima Almond '22 Italy 6.9 N.D. Bottle
Fredric Fredric Almond '22 Italy 6.0 N.D. Bottle

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