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Description From breakfast to lunch and snack, aperitif, passing a little bit green at heart
Address Via Solimena, 104 80128 Naples Metropolitan City of Naples, Italy
Telephone 08118745779
Mobile phone N.D.
Emaill hoopbagelesalad@gmail.com
Web site http://www.hoopbagelesalad.it/
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List of beers

Beer Description Brewery Country Gradation Vote Formats
Riegele Feines Urhell Riegele Feines Urhell Brauhaus Riegele Germany 4.7 5 Draught beer
Tennent's Super Tennent's Super InBev Uk Limited - Luton United Kingdom 9.0 4 Bottle
Lauterbacher Bayrischer Hiasl Lauterbacher Bayrischer Hiasl Privatbrauerei Lauterbach L. Ehnle Germany 5.5 N.D. Bottle
Black Diamond White Witch Black Diamond White Witch Black Diamond Brewing Co. United States 6.3 N.D. Bottle
Mongozo Pilsener Mongozo Pilsener Brouwerij L. Huyghe Belgium 5.0 N.D. Bottle

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