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Description What is the brewery Flegreo? It is clear, the master brewer, Peppe, bar tender with a passion for
Address Via Ilioneo, 48 80124 Naples Metropolitan City of Naples, Italy
Telephone N.D.
Mobile phone 3318686090
Emaill info@birrificioflegreo.it
Web site http://www.birrificioflegreo.it
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List of beers

Beer Description Brewery Country Gradation Vote Formats
La 10 La 10 Birrificio Flegreo Italy 4.5 N.D. Bottle, Draught beer
Kumata Kumata Birrificio Flegreo Italy 6.5 N.D. Bottle, Draught beer
Waiassen Waiassen Birrificio Flegreo Italy 5.4 5 Bottle, Draught beer
Punk IPA Punk IPA Brewdog Scotland 5.6 N.D. Bottle

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